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Water Submetering

Water submetering in multi-family apartments, condominiums and townhomes is the significant trend in new construction.
There are several reasons to consider water submetering for your multi-family properties.
In many markets, today’s low monthly water/sewer costs, typically $20 to $30 per apartment, will soon be a distant memory. Monthly water and sewer bills of $50 to $75, per apartment, are just around the corner thanks to a federal mandate called CSO, which stands for Combined Sewer Overflow. By 2027, 772 US cities are required to reconfigure sewer systems to reduce sewage that flows into waterways in the presence of sudden downpours. Submetering helps recover annual operating expenses as water and sewer costs rise each year.
Unless new apartment projects are plumbed in such a way that meters can be added later, property owners will be left covering water and sewer costs for the life of the property. In terms of both ROI and property value, submetering offers immediate enhancement to the valuation of real estate.

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Gas Submetering

With over forty years experience specializing in multifamily utility cost
allocation, Invoice America has the experience, the know-how and the best
equipment available to submeter gas consumption in your apartment complex.
For new construction and existing properties, Invoice America is the only name
you need to know for gas submetering.

​Frequency-hopping, spread spectrum RF (radio frequency) wireless gas meter
monitors are installed on every meter. This equipment is used to monitor utility
consumption in over two million apartments nationwide. Automated nightly data
collection is provided using either a dial-up modem or an internet connection.

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RUBS Billing

In situations where submetering utilities is either not practical or cost-effective,
an effective approach to billing residents for water is to estimate, or more
precisely, allocate charges using a fixed formula. Often called RUBS, Ratio Utility
Billing Service, this approach is a well-established and well-accepted method
when actual utility metering is impractical.

​Many properties with these characteristics use RUBS to recover utility costs.
Although utility conservation by tenants is not as significant as in properties
where utility consumption is actually metered, RUBS does help properties
eliminate the unpredictable financial performance that can result when utilities
are included in the rent.

​With Invoice America RUBS, utilities can be allocated based on the ratio of
apartment sizes, the number of occupants, or even a combination of these

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