IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective 8/11/23, we changed our payment processor for your utilities. We transitioned to provide you a significantly better customer service experience (and give you new tools to see the details of your bill). Click here for important instructions for logging in the first time.

Reading Your Invoice America Bill

Sometimes sifting through all that data can be challenging…especially when we’re doing a million other things. We get it! While every bill may not look exactly like this, here are the 4 main pieces of information you’ll want to pay attention to (hover over the hotspots for more deets):

How to Read Your Bill
Account ID Due Date Total Due Amount Due Remit to Customer Service

Account ID

This is your unique identifier number. When you have a question or concern about a bill, this helps ensure we are on the same page (literally).

Due Date

This shows you when the amount due is, well, due. Any payment after this date is considered late, and may incur a late fee.

Total Due

The amount due by the due date.

Amount Due

Another place that shows the amount due by the due date.

Remit to

Remit is just a fancy name for the company that you will be paying. It's always important to know who to pay and when.

Customer Service

Have a question or concern? Kinda like that catchy tune from the early 80s about four dudes chasing ghosts..."who ya gonna call?". This is the number you should call. Song stuck in your head? You're welcome.

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