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What is Submetering?

Why is my bill so high compared to my neighbor?

If your bill is submetered, it is based on your individual usage. Therefore, if your bill is high compared to your neighbor, they may have used less water/gas/electricity. If it is not submetered then it is based on square footage of your unit and\or the number of residents in that unit to determine your usage and allocate that onto your monthly bill.

How did I get a late fee when I sent my check in the mail last week?

The mail can take 5-10 days to deliver your check, depending on where you are located. We recommend sending your check in as soon as you get your bill, but at minimum 5 days before the bill is due to make sure we receive your check on time to avoid the late fee.  If you send it within 10 days before the due date and you still get a late fee, please give us a call and we can discuss further options to help avoid this in the future.

Why does my invoice not match what I see online? or vice versa

If you made a payment after the invoice was generated it won’t be updated accurately, you can call us at 402-734-4900 option 3 and inquire about your most updated balance.

Why is there a service fee and other fees on my bill?

There are a couple reasons behind fees on your utility bill:
Account Setup/Termination Fee(s) one time fees for starting or ending an account.
Service Fee is our fee for generating, auditing, and mailing the bills.
Any Specific Utility Fee is a fee that comes directly from the utility company’s bill and equally divided among all of the units at a property so each person gets a share.

What is invoice America, and why do I have a bill with you?

Invoice America is a third party billing company that your property management company has chosen to help bill their residents and manage utilities.

What can I do to reduce my bill?
  • Save your resources to the best of your ability.
  • Don’t leave water running-only use what you actually need!
  • Keep your thermostat at reasonable temperatures, keep heat at 67-69 or in summer keep AC at 72-74.
  • Keep windows closed if the thermostat is on.
  • Make sure your toilet is not running all the time.
What is measured and distributed gas?

Measured gas is what you use when the furnace is heating your apartment. Distributed gas is for water heaters that are not accounted for from measured and the shared commons areas that use gas i.e. clubhouse, gym, hallways, ect. They are broken down for every tenant based on occupancy and\or square footage.

What is considered distributed gas, and does everyone have to pay it every month?

This would be the gas used to heat for: hallways, clubhouses, extra amenities, heating your water heaters. etc.. They are broken down for every tenant based on occupancy and/or square foot.

Why is there a service fee every month?

There is a standard monthly fee for auditing, reading, preparing the bills, and mailing them out.


"I've been an Invoice America customer for about three years now; the apartment complex I chose use them instead of billing directly through the local utility company. Setting up the auto-pay in the beginning was incredibly easy.”


"Calvin in customer service was great and pleasant to work with. He was able assist me in getting my account setup on auto draft and solving an issue I was experiencing. If we had plenty more people in customer service like Calvin who's willing to go the extra mile in assisting the customer with their needs, the customer industry will be great."


"Clyde was very upfront and direct with the information. He was also very respectful and professional. I found him to be pleasant in discussing and resolving my issue. He also assisted me in making sure my auto payments are never late or that my account avoids late fees."


"Dealing with Invoice America for utilities during my stay in Omaha was problem-free; from easy set-up of automated monthly billing (while still receiving hardcopy invoices for my records) to just as easy cancellation of service once I'd moved out."


"Calvin helped me today with all of my billing questions! Was very thorough in explaining what was owed and the options for auto pay. I appreciated his help in giving me all the information that I needed in figuring out what my account balance and why it was the amount it was. Thanks!"

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