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Maintenance Staff
Important Notice to Plumbers

Failure to install meters as specified in this information will require removal and proper reinstallation at plumber’s expense.  Please read the attached document closely

Plumber Notice
Water Meter Installation Guide

After you have read this Quick Start Guide, please call or email Liss Technologies so we know how to reach you. Call Jerry Pierce at 1-800- 228-3400 ext. 114, or email


• Ensure each clearly identified water meter/radio transmitter is installed in the apartment identified on the meter’s label.

• Allow adequate space from walls and heat sources. Carefully review the spacing requirements in the attached documents prior to installation.

• A radio transmitter is attached to each water meter. Keep in mind the radio signals must be able to reach the central data collector when positioning each meter; avoid having the transmitter face large, flat metallic objects


• Install the water meter flow tubes with its removable cap installed. Make sure the arrow on the flow tube is pointing in the direction of water flow. Flush the plumbing system in each apartment to remove any contamination and pressure test the installed plumbing system.

• When replacing flow tube caps, the small O-ring supplied with meters MUST be installed to avoid leaks. • Allow adequate clearance for the meter and the radio transmitter. The meter should always be positioned away from the wall with the register top horizontal and facing upward.

• Ensure plumbing immediately adjacent to each flow tube, and each spacer tube, is supported such that the pipes themselves do not carry the weight of the meter.


• One inch meters are not available with removable flow tubes. If there are any one inch meters to be installed, a small quantity of one inch spacer tubes will be supplied. Install spacer tubes temporarily, flush system and test for leaks. Turn off water. Remove and replace the spacer tubes with the one inch meters, observe proper water flow direction.

• One inch meters must be installed in a true horizontal position.


• Each water meter is provided with a pre-installed radio transmitter labelled for its intended apartment. Do not remove this identification label at any time.

• Two other identical labels are supplied. Apply one of these additional labels on the appropriate line of the provided Installation Report and apply the other additional label to the inside of the furnace closet door.


• All work shall conform to federal, state and municipal codes and ordinances. These shall supersede all information contained herein.

• The plumber is responsible for paying for and obtaining all permits, inspections, required tests and utility connections.


• Return the completed Installation Report to Invoice America (address shown below).

• Return the provided spanner wrenches

• Return the provided sample meters, if any

• Ship to Water Meter Completion, Invoice America, 4520 South 36 St, Omaha, NE 68107

Required Clearance

Please Review the Water Meter Clearance Drawing PDF

Review Drawing


FAM Installation

Flexible Axis Meter (FAM) installation instructions

NOTE: The user and the installer should be aware that changes and modifications to the equipment not expressly approved by Master Meter could void warranty and the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Professionally trained personnel should install the equipment.

Read Instructions
Full Instructions

Full Instruction packet is available to review here.

Read Full Instruction Packet
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